15 Best Celebrity Butts In Yoga Pants

We guys try not to be sexist. We treat women with respect and equality, but we just can’t help but notice how great their butts look. It isn’t a bad thing to appreciate a work of art is it? No of course not. So why should it be sexist, or anything else, to appreciate the female form? Of course we do so in a respectful manner, but you get the idea. Now it is also true that tight fitting clothing accentuates the female bodies that get our attention. Yoga pants are a great example. Yea i know, they do probably feel better when you’re doing all those yoga moves, but still, its probably also true that the ladies enjoy being seen or noticed at times.

With all that in mind, and with all due respect, we want to point out some celebrities that wear those yoga pants better than anyone else.



1. She is 34, and as hot of a woman as you will see anywhere, yoga or not. Still, Jessica Alba rocks these purple looking yoga pants, and the rest of her is great too.